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A check valve is a mechanical device used in plumbing and fluid systems to control the flow of fluids or gases in one direction. It allows the fluid or gas to flow in one direction but prevents it from flowing back in the opposite direction. Think of it like a one-way door: fluid can pass through when going in the intended direction, but the valve automatically closes to block flow in the reverse direction, preventing backflow and ensuring the proper functioning of the system. Check valves are commonly used in various applications, including pumps, water systems, and HVAC systems, to maintain the integrity and efficiency of the fluid flow. 

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DMIC CVH, Stauff RV, Nachi CA, Superlok SPCV, SOCV/SOACV, SHCV

Argo Hytos, SC1F-A2, SC1F-B2

Argo Hytos 2RJV1-06, Nachi OC-G01, 

OC-G03, OCP-G01 OCP-G03

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