Shop Sight Level Gauges

Hydraulic sight level gauges on reservoirs are simple yet essential tools used to visually monitor the fluid level within hydraulic systems. Installed on the exterior of the reservoir, these gauges consist of a transparent tube or window that allows operators to see the level of hydraulic fluid inside. By providing a clear view of the fluid level, these gauges help operators ensure that the system has an adequate supply of fluid for proper operation. They play a crucial role in preventing issues like fluid starvation or overfilling, ultimately contributing to the efficiency and longevity of the hydraulic system.

Our sight level gauges consist of a robust metal housing equipped with a sight level tube and an optional built-in analog thermometer. The fluid enters the thermometer chamber through the mounting bolts, which are hollow. O-rings provide a seal against the housing and the reservoir wall. These are available in standard 3", 5" and 10" sizes. Custom sizes are available, but many customers choose to stack multiple sight level gauges on top of one another for a less expensive solution. Measurements of from the center of each bolt.

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