Shop Dampening Bars

Our Motor Dampening Bars are used under the feet of an electric motor to reduce noise and vibration. Dampening bars are available to accommodate NEMA frame sizes 056C thru 405C, with strong vulcanized rubber-to-metal bond for no metal-to-metal contact. These are available in bolt down and weld on styles, and two sets of bars are supplied for each motor. Welding Directly to the Motor Dampening Bar can cause damage to the metal-to-rubber bond resulting in premature failure. Welding should be limited to the ends only to prevent damage to the rubber vulcanization by the heat generated during the welding process. Extreme care should be exercised whenever welding to assemblies containing vulcanized rubber. Bond Separation will occur if the metal/rubber surface interface reaches a temperature above 500F. 

Dampening bars designed to bolt down to reservoir top for easy installation. No additional kits required.

Dampening bars designed to weld onto the reservoir top. Recommended for use with weld pad kits. 

Eliminates the possibility of head damage to rubber vulcanization caused by welding directly to dampening bar. 

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