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Manifolds reduce plumbing and the number of leak points in addition to improving maintenance of hydraulic systems by eliminating plumbing otherwise required to connect 

individual components together. Available in a variety of styles and materials for all your application needs. 

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Cartridge Valve Bodies are designed to be used with our cartridge valve line of common cavity products. The cartridge will screw into the body and you can connect your components with SAE or NPT ports.

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Cover Plates (aka blanking plates, blocking plates, or cap-off plates) are used to cap off a pattern after a surface-mounted component is removed. They are also used to cover an extra pattern to be utilized in the future. 

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Header Blocks (aka distribution manifolds) do not have valve or pattern machined features, only ports. The purpose is to connect several oil lines with one supply or return port. A Header Manifold has a common drill path through the center of the manifold, connecting all the ports, while junction manifolds do not.

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Junction Blocks are an efficient way to co-locate tee and elbow fittings. They do not have valve or pattern machined features, only ports. The purpose is to provide a place to join piping, change direction, or split/connect with other lines. Junction manifolds do not have a common drill path connecting all the holes like header manifolds do.

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Multi-station manifolds allow several valves to be mounted to a single manifold which has a common pressure and common tank connection. Integrated relief valves optional. 


Subplates allow a simple solution to mount a single valve in a hydraulic system. Several different valve sizes, port sizes, and mounting configurations are available.

Tapping Plates

Also referred to as Sandwich or module plates. They provide threaded port access to the A,B,P and T passages of an existing valve manifold to add a test port or gauge ports.

Valve Adapters

This is stack module which mounts between the existing manifold and a valve. Used to convert the existing manifold valve pattern to an alternative size valve without disrupting the existing manifold configuration.

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