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Piston pumps are mechanical devices used to move fluids, usually oil, in various applications like hydraulic systems or pressure washers. Unlike other types of pumps, piston pumps use pistons, which are cylindrical rods that move back and forth within a chamber. As the piston moves, it creates suction, drawing fluid into the chamber, and then pushes it out through an outlet valve. Piston pumps are known for their high-pressure capabilities and precise control over fluid flow. They are often chosen for applications where precise and powerful fluid movement is required, such as in heavy machinery or industrial equipment.

  • Disp: 0.21 to 2.74in3/rev

  • Flow: up to 21.5GPM

  • Pressure: 3000psi

  • Speed: 2000RPM

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  • Disp: 2.56 to x 13.4in3/rev

  • Flow: up to 87GPM

  • Pressure: 3000psi

  • Speed: 1800RPM

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