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Air Preparation Products are typically the filters, regulators, and lubricators used to clean and prepare air in a pneumatic system. 

Correct compressed air preparation is essential for optimum performance of your pneumatic equipment. 

Shop Pneumatic Box Sets

Our box sets pull together all the elements needed for efficient air preparation, in one neat assembly.

Our range of filters includes general purpose filters, oil removal filters and oil vapor removal filters.

Our range of high flow, pilot operated or special purpose pressure regulators are ideal for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Our range of lubricators provide accurate lubrication of downstream equipment, proven to extend the life of pneumatic equipment reducing total cost of ownership.

Our filter-regulator combination units offer two functions in one easy package.

Our soft start dump valves allow for a controlled increase of downstream pressure on initial start up.

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Designed to protect compressed air systems from over pressurization, we offer a comprehensive range of pressure relief valves.

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