Shop Hydraulic Directional Control Valves

A hydraulic directional control valve is a vital component in hydraulic systems responsible for controlling the flow of hydraulic fluid to different actuators or hydraulic motors. Think of it as a traffic signal directing the flow of traffic in a hydraulic system, determining which direction the fluid should go based on the system's requirements. These valves enable precise control over the movement of hydraulic machinery, allowing operators to regulate the speed, direction, and force of hydraulic actuators such as cylinders or motors. By managing the flow of hydraulic fluid, directional control valves ensure that machinery operates smoothly and efficiently, enhancing overall system performance.

Cartridge Valves generally require a cartridge body or manifold. The nose of the cartridge will screw into the body of manifold, and your lines will be plumbed up to that body to be functional. 

Subplate Mounted valves will generally be bolted to a subplate (designed for mounting one valve) or a manifold (for multiple valves to be functional. 

Seated valves are designed with a 'seat' and a poppet mechanism to control fluid. The 'seat' creates a seal that prevents fluid from flowing through the valve when it is 

not desired.

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