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Magnaloy Coupling’s full range of flexible inserts permit custom design performance for a wide range of applications. All insert materials offer complete electrical insulation, as Magnaloy’s design eliminates all metal-to-metal contact. Magnaloy Coupling Insert part numbers may be specified using the following format:

Start with the letter “M” for Magnaloy, followed by the 3 digit Basic Insert Number Code (170, 270, etc.), then the specific single letter Insert Material Code.

Nitrile Buna-N (Code B) Inserts, Blue Material

Nitrile (Buna N)(Code B) - Painted Blue. Excellent material with petroleum products. Excellent compression set and abrasion 

resistance characteristics. Temp range -60F to +250F (-51C to +121C).

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Model Number

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800 Series

Don't see what you need? Custom and special order coupling inserts may be available. Give us a call, we'd be delighted to help.