Shop Pneumatic (Air) Regulators

Compressed air pressure regulators are used to reduce the pressure, to suit the application or tool downstream, for reasons of safety, to reduce cost or to even the 

compressed airline pressure. Lowering the system pressures mean less risk and lower running costs. Pressure regulators available 

include general purpose, high flow, pilot operated or special purpose pressure regulators.

Our smallest, most compact regulators available. Typically lower flows than comparably sized modular regulators.

Our most popular regulators, the modular regulators snap together with our Excelon filters and lubricators for easy assembly and maintenance.

Our Manifold Regulators allow for inline or modular installation, with up to six regulators without a booster signal. 

Our largest size, highest flow inline filters available.

Ideal for applications requiring precise and quick-responding pressure regulation.

Pilot regulators and pilot operated regulators are designed for use together, in systems that require pressure regulation at an inaccessible location

Shop our full range of specialty regulators for water, soft drinks, beer, and even industrial compressed gases.

Shop our NACE compliant stainless steel regulators, ideal for marine, petro-chemical, food processing, medical, and specialty applications