Shop Pressure Control Valves

A pressure control hydraulic valve is a crucial component in hydraulic systems that helps regulate and maintain the pressure of the hydraulic fluid within desired limits. There are several types of pressure control valves, including pressure reducing valves, pressure reducing-relieving valves, and pressure relief valves. Pressure reducing valves ensure that the pressure of the hydraulic fluid entering a specific part of the system is reduced to a predetermined level, while pressure reducing-relieving valves not only reduce pressure but also relieve excess pressure to prevent damage to the system. Pressure relief valves, on the other hand, are designed to limit the maximum pressure within a system by diverting excess fluid flow back to the reservoir or another part of the system. These valves play a critical role in ensuring the safe and efficient operation of hydraulic machinery and equipment.

Pressure reducing valves permanently maintain the output pressure at a set value while protecting the downstream components from overloading.

Same function as a pressure reducing valve, but in the event of shock or surge pressures in the downstream line, this valve type acts as a relief valve, directing excessive pressure and flow back to tank.

Pressure relief valves are used to set the maximum pressure in the circuit and protect it from overloading. 

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