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A motor base plate is a sturdy platform that is welded directly onto the top of a reservoir, skid, or porch in certain types of 'L' shaped tanks. It's designed to accommodate various sizes of NEMA motors, providing a stable and elevated surface for mounting the motor securely. By adding this base plate, it allows for additional height for the motor, giving engineers more flexibility in designing the system and arranging plumbing connections. This component is essential for ensuring proper motor placement and efficient operation of machinery, particularly in industrial settings where precise alignment and space optimization are crucial.


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Motor Base Plates

056 thru 326 NEMA Motors

Carbon Steel

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MBP-056/184, for NEMA 056-184TC
MBP-213/256, for NEMA 213-256TC
MBP-284/326, for NEMA 284-326TC

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Product SKU Material Electric Motor Frame Size Lead Time Price
MBP-056/184 Carbon Steel 056C thru 184TC Same Day $42.99
MBP-213/256 Carbon Steel 213TC thru 256TC Same Day $58.99
MBP-284/326 Carbon Steel 284TC/TSC thru 326TC/TSC Same Day $66.99

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