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A reservoir cleanout end cover is a crucial component in hydraulic systems, designed to facilitate easy access for cleaning and maintenance of the reservoir. Essentially, it's like a protective lid that can be removed to reach inside the reservoir, allowing technicians to remove accumulated dirt, debris, or contaminants that may have settled at the bottom. This helps ensure that the hydraulic fluid remains clean and free from impurities, promoting optimal performance and extending the lifespan of the system. By regularly cleaning out the reservoir with the help of the cleanout end cover, potential issues and malfunctions can be prevented, maintaining the efficiency and reliability of the hydraulic equipment.


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End Cover Kits

12" to 18"

Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel

End Cover, Buna-N Gasket, Bolt, Washer, Baffle Lug and Drain Plug for most options

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Product SKU Material End Cover Diameter Drain Port Option Lead Time Price
REC12KN Carbon Steel 12" 3/4" NPT Drain 2-3 Weeks $68.99
REC12KX Carbon Steel 12" No Drain 2-3 Weeks $51.99
REC14KN Carbon Steel 14" 3/4" NPT Drain 2-3 Weeks $75.99
REC14KX Carbon Steel 14" No Drain 2-3 Weeks $59.99
REC16KN Carbon Steel 16" 3/4" NPT Drain 2-3 Weeks $91.99
REC16KX Carbon Steel 16" No Drain 2-3 Weeks $76.99
REC18KN Carbon Steel 18" 3/4" NPT Drain 2-3 Weeks $99.99
REC18KX Carbon Steel 18" No Drain 2-3 Weeks $89.99

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