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Although any inert gas can be used to pre-charge the accumulator,we recommend to use high purity dry nitrogen gasonly for pre-charge. Never use shop air or oxygen to avoidany risk of explosion. Accumulators are normally shipped withpre-charge pressure of 25 psi for shipping purpose onlyunless otherwise specified.

Our general recommendations for nitrogen pre-charge varies by application and are as follows.

Energy Storage:

Shock Absorption:

Pulsation Dampening:

90% of the minimum system operating pressure

60% to 75% of the normal working pressure

60% to 80% of the normal working pressure

The above recommended pressures must be adjusted taking operating temperatures into consideration. Pre-charge pressure must be checked during first week in operation. Subsequent maintenance should be done every 3 to 6 months depending on the severity of the application, with high cycling and 

high temperature applications requiring maintenance more often. Accumulator must be pre-charged to the required pressure prior to operation to avoid the risk of bladder failure when commissioning. 

For optimum and reliable operation of accumulators, it is important to fill and maintain the correct nitrogen pre-charge pressure. We recommend checking pre-charge pressure regularly. Charging & gauging kits are designed to fit on a commercially available nitrogen bottles. 
Charging instructions are provided with charging kit for safe operation.

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