400H : Magnaloy 470 Insert, 55D, Hytrel, M470H5

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For Use With 400 Series Couplings


Magnaloy 470 Insert, 55D, Hytrel. Magnaloy Couplings full range of flexible inserts permit custom design performance for a wide range of applications. All insert materials offer complete electrical insulation, as Magnaloys design eliminates all metal-to-metal contact. Magnaloy Coupling Insert part numbers may be specified using the following format. Start with the letter M for Magnaloy, followed by the 3 digit Basic Insert Number Code 170, 270, etc., then the specific single letter Insert Material Code. If an optional durometer is being specified, after the Material Code supply the durometer number divided by 10. For example, a Urethane insert for Model 300 is M370U. Magnaloys Hytrel Inserts are signified with Code H and are made of Blue Material. The Hytrel inserts is the standard insert sold at OneHydraulics, Inc. Superior physical and mechanical properties and excellent fluid compatibility and high temperature characteristics. Hardness (50D) approaches that of plastic and offers little resiliency. Excellent performance under heavy duty conditions. Temp range -650F to +3000F, -540C to +1490C.

Product SKU Model Coupling Series Insert Material Rated Torque For Use with Lead Time Price
M170H5 100H : Magnaloy 170 Insert, 55D, Hytrel, M170H5 100 Series Hytrel 1,022 in-lb 100 Series Couplings Same Day $10.99
M270H5 200H : Magnaloy 270 Insert, 55D, Hytrel, M270H5 200 Series Hytrel 1,195 in-lb 200 Series Couplings Same Day $12.99
M370H5 300H : Magnaloy 370 Insert, 55D, Hytrel, M370H5 300 Series Hytrel 2,104 in-lb 300 Series Couplings Same Day $15.99
M470H5 400H : Magnaloy 470 Insert, 55D, Hytrel, M470H5 400 Series Hytrel 3,169 in-lb 400 Series Couplings Same Day $21.99
M570H5 500H : Magnaloy 570 Insert, 55-D, Hytrel, M570H5 500 Series Hytrel 6,585 in-lb 500 Series Couplings Same Day $28.99
M670H5 600H : Magnaloy 670 Insert, 55D, Hytrel, M670H5 600 Series Hytrel 14,840 in-lb 600 Series Couplings Same Day $48.99
M770H5 700H : Magnaloy 770 Insert, 55D, Hytrel, M770H5 700 Series Hytrel 29,100 in-lb 700 Series Couplings Same Day $70.99
M870H5 800H : Magnaloy 870 Insert, 55D, Hytrel, M870H5 800 Series Hytrel 47,062 in-lb 800 Series Couplings Same Day $114.99
P097H5 900H : Magnaloy 097 Insert, 50D, Hytrel, P097H5 900 Series Hytrel 71,764 in-lb 900 Series Couplings 1-3 Days $8.99