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Combination spring driven hose reels are a combination of two hose reels in one compact assembly. Perfect for applications in which two sources are needed to get the job done and space is a factor. Single mounting base creates stability with one mounting pattern. Also available in dual hose combinations. 

* Hose ID: Up to 3/8"
* Length: Up to 50ft Hose
* Max Pressure: Up to 300psi Hose 
* Amps: Up to 25 Amps
* Hose/cord combinations available for purchase.

Shop PC Series

Power Cord reels are heavy duty, industrial grade power cords. They replace tangled extension cords and self-retract to increase safety, productivity, and efficiency. 

* Length: Up to 100ft Hose
* Amps: Up to 35 Amps
* Volts: Up to 120
* Cords available for purchase.

Shop PC10 Series

PC10 Power Cord Series is a unique compact design, equipped with a continuous radius grommet style power cord guide and a unique composite hub featuring excellent chemical resistance and additional strength at cold temperatures.

* Length: Up to 30ft Hose
* Amps: Up to 20 Amps
* Volts: Up to 115
* Cords available for purchase.