Shop Hose and Tube Cleaning Projectiles

The projectile cleans by being compressed against the internal surface of the hose, tube or pipe. This pressure is achieved as the projectile is approximately 20% to 30% larger 

than the internal diameter of the hose, tube or pipe. For instance, a 2" (50mm) projectile is recommended for a 1-1/2" (38mm) hose.

Individual circumstances may require a smaller or larger projectile. If the projectile is too large it will not leave the nozzle, and if it is too small it will not clean effectively. The enormous variety in the types of couplings available today could also mean in some circumstances that the recommended size is inappropriate. When cleaning assemblies, a reduction in projectile size may be appropriate, as all recommendations are based on the most commonly used coupling sizes.

All Ultra Clean projectiles are made from virgin materials with a specific cell structure and density. This ensures a quality product that is capable of achieving most ISO-4406-99 and ISO-4405 cleanliness levels when our assembly procedures are followed. Ultra Clean never uses re-bonded, scrap or recycled materials in our Ultra Clean Projectile offerings like some other manufacturers.

Universal application for use with hose, tube, pipe and assemblies. Removes fine particles of loose contamination and can also be used for product purging.

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