Shop Pneumatic (Air) Filters

We offer three types of compressed air filters depending on the air quality required - general purpose, oil removal, and oil vapor removal filters. 

Filters are available in modular and inline styles, as well as specialty materials like stainless steel.

Ideal for removing liquid water, dust, and dirt particles from your air lines. This is the most common filter used.

  • Filtration at 5 or 40 microns

  • Cost effective

  • Less frequent element changes

  • Mechanical Indicator available

Ideal for removing oil droplets from air lines. Used in applications where oil could contaminate a product, like paper manufacturing and food processes. 

  • Design forces air turbulence which coalesces oil droplets together to fall to bottom
  • More expensive than General Purpose Filters

  • Filtration down to 0.01 micron

  • Mechanical Indicator available

Only required when highest air quality and no odor is allowed in a pneumatic application. You MUST use an oil removal element inline before a vapor element. 
  • Activated carbon filter element

  • Most expensive filter style

  • Fixed length service life based on operating hours.

  • Element changes color when saturated with oil