9135-24-24 : Adaptall 90-Degree Adapter, Male 1.5 (1-1/2") BSPP x Female 1.5 (1-1/2") NPT, Carbon Steel

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Factory Location Twinsburg, Ohio or Houston, Texas
Material Carbon Steel
Shape 90-Degree
Country of Manufacture Canada
Length N/A


For Adaptall products, the thread types for each description are displayed hose/tube and/or male side first, then port and/or female side (please refer to the Conversion Adapter Identification Guide for details). If both sides of a fitting are the same (both hose/tube or both port) they are displayed alphabetically. For example, a BSPP x NPT nipple has two port threads; according to alphabetization, this description would read BSPP male x NPT male. Part descriptions are then arranged in alphabetical order, with males appearing before females. For example, a male BSPP is typically the first listed while a female SAE O-ring Boss is last. Thread types are displayed first to allow for quick searching along the margin (as opposed to thread gender first which is common).