15AJAAF5L6A : DP Winch, 15,000lb Bare Drum Pull, Base with Fairlead, Manual Kickout/Spring Engage, CCW, Less than 20GPM Motor, 5.5" Barrel x 7.19" Length x 12.75" Flange

6-8 Weeks

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Usually Ships Within 6-8 Weeks
Factory Location Jenks, Oklahoma
Solid Model

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Hydraulic Motor Pressure 2500psi
Country of Manufacture United States
Height 13.44
Length 26.73
Width 13.88
Weight 312


With over 75 years of experience and knowledge, TWGÕs planetary winches have the strength to pull you out of trouble. Their planetary winches are commonly used in the Infrastructure, Recovery, Energy & Marine markets custom built for each application. With line pull ratings from 3,000 lbs to 270,000 lbs, they have a winch that can handle your requirements.

* 15,000lbs. capacity winch storing 213 ft. of 1/2” dia. rope

* Base with Fairlead (A ‘fairlead’ guides the cable out of the winch, typically a 4-roller design)

* Manual Kickout/Spring Engage (A ‘kickout’ is a mechanism that engages an input shaft to turn your winch. This is a manual clutch, which is typically lever operated)

* Counter-Clockwise Rotation ( Direction of drum rotation viewed from motor when paying in)

* Low Flow ~ Under 20 GPM

* 5.5" Barrel x 7.19" Length x 12.75" Flange