Shop 45-Degree + MJIC Configurations

Both male and female JIC (Joint Industry Council SAE J514) components are easily identified by their 37° tapered seats. This connection style is very popular in fluid power, 

especially hose end connections. The seal is made by establishing contact between the male flared and female coned seat. This is considered a mechanical connection. 
There are also SAE J512 45° connections, but those are more typical in automotive, refrigeration, and truck pipe systems. The JIC sold on is the 37° style.
Note that -02, -03, -04, -05, -08, and -10 of SAE 37° and SAE 45° have the same threads, but NOT the same seat angles. 
Intermixing the two different types of fittings will result in leakage, so use care in measuring seat angles.