5179S-38-38-24C : Adaptall Tee Adapter, Male S38 DIN Tube x Male S38 DIN Tube x Male 1.5" ORB, Carbon Steel, Heavy Duty

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For Adaptall products, the thread types for each description are displayed hose/tube and/or male side first, then port and/or female side (please refer to the Conversion Adapter Identification Guide for details). If both sides of a fitting are the same (both hose/tube or both port) they are displayed alphabetically. For example, a BSPP x NPT nipple has two port threads; according to alphabetization, this description would read BSPP male x NPT male. Part descriptions are then arranged in alphabetical order, with males appearing before females. For example, a male BSPP is typically the first listed while a female SAE O-ring Boss is last. Thread types are displayed first to allow for quick searching along the margin (as opposed to thread gender first which is common). Tees and Crosses are described as fittings with entirely identical threads (3 for tees, 4 for crosses). They are all the same gender and thread type. For example, a Male BSPP Tee is a fitting with 3 identical male BSPP threads, while a Female BSPP Cross has 4 identical female BSPP threads. Branch Tees are 3 ended fittings with the common threads located straight across from one another, while Run Tees have the common threads located at 90-degrees from each other. The rules for listing both branch and run tees are the same - if there is one thread type only, the part is listed by the odd thread gender first. For example, a Female JIS Run Tee has 2 male threads and one female (all JIS). Alternatively, if there are 2 thread types, the common threads are listed first, then the odd end (with gender reference). For example, a Male JIC X Male BSPT Run Tee has 2 male JIC threads and one male BSPT thread.