UC-PC : Ultra Clean Projectile Catcher Bucket

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Factory Location Bridgeton, New Jersey
Country of Manufacture United States


The Ultra Clean Projectile Catcher is an integral part of the Ultra Clean System. This catcher prrevent injury to yourself, the customer, or an innocent bystander, should contamination (such as steel slivers, or fragments of wire) be forcefully propelled, along with the projectile from the inside of the hose, tube or pipe. It also allows you to catch and visually ascertain the contamination itself, expelled by the projectile from the hose, tube or pipe. You can use this catcher as an ÒindicatorÒ to determine the internal condition of the hose, tube or pipe. It also helps you maintain a clean and professional work space, and saves time, motion and cleaning costs by not having to constantly pick up after yourself. The projectile catcher, as with all tools, should be located in a convenient and practical position. It is an essential part of the Ultra Clean System and should be planned into the workshop.